Ch. Zibbans Golden Dream for Sweetdean with Brequest
                                       Jasmin Du Val DíAncenis x Sweetdean Gin Sling
                                                                     23.07.02 - 03.11.12


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Bred by Lisalotte Sellen-Bore at the Zibbans Kennels in Gothenburg, Sweden, Amber is co-owned by Pam
Aldous and myself and lives here at Brevelay.

Amberís mother, Ginni, litter sister to Mac and Cherrie was exported to Lisalotte as her foundation bitch.  Pam and I went to Sweden to see the litter and a year later, following her quarantine at home, I collected Amber in Germany.  She came with a CACIB/CAC/BB from a show in Gothenburg when only 9 months old. (This was prior to the FCI rules which do not allow a dog under 15 months to be awarded a CACIB). Since then a further CACIB/Gn.Stars and Res CACIB/Gn. Stars have been gained, plus her Celtic Winner 2006 title in Ireland  Sadly, no scent hound can be made up into an International Champion as they are required to complete a hunting test under FCI rules.  Even if the test is completed successfully, our own Kennel Club do not have a reciprocal arrangement with the FCI - so we wait.

Her first show, a week after arriving, was Bournemouth Championship Show, where Yvonne Dean awarded her RBB from Jnr. Bitch. Since 2003 Amber had several BB and BOBís at Championship Shows.       Most memorable, with Graham handling her, at the Houndshow 2005, where French judge Mme. Corbeau-Vallee awarded her Best of Breed.

Along with the Champ Shows, her wins at Open Shows helped her to win Runner up Fauve of the Year/Best Bitch 2004 awarded by the Basset Fauve de Bretagne Club.

We are very proud of Amber, who is an easy girl to live with and hope to have a litter from her in 2006.

In June 2006 Amber produced her first litter for us. 5 puppies, 4 dogs and 1 bitch by sire Dyfrgiís Rowanberry.

We look forward to seeing her puppies in the ring in 2007.

Sadley Amber passed away on 3rd Nov 2012 she will be sadly missed in this house.