August 2005

      Brevelay Born to Run
         ( Venquest Jack Daniels x Brequest Angelique)
At the International All Breeds Championship Show held by the Stockholm Kennel Club on 28th August 2005, Pepper was awarded Best Puppy in Show by judge Hans Rosenburg.  After winning BPIB under judge Ann-Chatryn Almstedt he challenged 70+  puppies of all breeds to achieve this win.

Pepper is owned, and loved by Susanne Bloman, seen handling, husband Torbjorn and daughter Frida and lives at the Dyfrgi’s Kennels in Rimbo, Sweden.

This win follows his BPIS win at 6 months old, at the Swedish Basset Breeds Show under judge Gavin Robertson.

Well done Pepper, you obviously enjoyed your day and just loved the judge!

December 2005

At the Stockholm International All Breeds Show in December 2005, under judge J. Homem De Mello, Pepper gained his Jnr Winner title
He was then awarded Best Dog, which gave him his Swedish Winner 2005 title and Best of Breed.  Well done again Pepper and Susanne.
January 2006

We introduced our new girl Jodi, Brevelay Uptown Girl to the ring this month.  At her first show, Maidenhead & Dist. She was BPIB under judge Pam Wild and went on to PHG2.                                 At Horley & Dist under Nigel Luxmore-Ball she was BPIB, RBOB and went on to win the Puppy Hound Group.                              Later in the month at the Isle of Ely, Viv Phillips awarded her BAVNSCH puppy and PHG3.

March 2006

The Championship show year began with Best Of Breed at Crufts  for Mac under judge Marion Spavin.                                           Amber followed this up with Reserve Best Bitch, and Alise won Junior Bitch.                                                                             Cherrie was a credible 3rd in Open bitch with our Poppy standing 4th.  We were very proud of all the hounds and, of course delighted with the Best of Breed.

Also at Crufts, Teddy, Brevelay Little Red Rooster, now named Digby by his owner Dianne, was second in Jnr. Dog.  A wonderful placing for this lovely little man.

The following week we went to the St. Patrick’s Day Show in Dublin where Mac was again Best of Breed, won the CACIB/Green Stars and the Celtic Winner 2006 title.  This time Amber was Best Bitch taking the identical awards in bitches.  Alise was Celtic Jnr. Winner 2006 and took the Reserve Gn. Stars.  She was too young to be awarded the Res. CACIB and this was awarded to Poppy.

At the Basset Fauve de Bretagne Club Show, Topol, Brevelay Tumbling Dice at Anbarees, owned by Ann Sutton was Best Puppy and Res. Best Dog.  This was his first show.  A delighted Ann then claimed Best Dog and Best Puppy at WELKS under M. Nixon.

April 2006

Amber has been mated and we hope for puppies in June. Mac has also had a ‘girlfriend’ this month and his owner is also hoping for a litter around a week before ours.

At the Hound Club of East Anglia, Cherrie was Best of Breed and Jodi Best Puppy.  Alise, then won Best Rare Breed from Junior.

May 2006

Both Amber and Mac’s ‘girlfriend’ have been scanned and both are due puppies next month.

At the Birmingham National, Mac was Best of Breed under judge John Walton-Hadden and Jodi (B. Uptown Girl) and Alise both won their classes. The following 2 days we manned the breed stand at    All About Dogs.  This is a truly unique event and we ‘talked fauves’ for hours with the public.  Sarah Stephens and her fiancé Geoff gave up their time on the Sunday to help and brought along their 2 new puppies, Lexy and Rory.  With visitors and their puppies, Jodi and Alise, there were 7 youngsters available for people to see and play with.

At Herts and Essex, Jodi was Best Puppy under Eddie Webster and went on to PHG3 under Martin Sanders.

Bath followed close behind with a BOB for Mac under judge Dianna Nicolls.  Jodi then made our day with BPIB.

June 2006

In early June we had a lovely, if cold and wet, day out at the Suffolk Show.  Gloria Higginson had a lovely entry and Graham was thrilled to have Best of Breed with Brequest Angelique, Poppy.  Jodi was Best Puppy and went on to PHG3 under Nick Bryce-Smith.

Amber’s puppies arrived safely following a very long labour on the hottest weekend of the year so far.  She has 4 dogs and 1 bitch by sire Dyfrgi’s Rowanberry. 
Mac’s lady friend also produced 5 puppies, 3 bitches and 2 dogs.  Mum’s and babies are all doing well so far.  As a result of these whelping duties and wishing to avoid any infections, we did not attend either Southern, or Three Counties Shows.

However, our PBGV puppy Gypsy, Switherland the Gypsy Girl,   co-owned with Pam Aldous, was Best Puppy on her first outing            at 6 months old.
Crufts 2006
Brevelay Tumbling Dice at Anbarees
Photo Karl Dovill
July 2006

Still unable to attend WKC, due to puppy duties, we finally made Paignton, leaving Graham to babysit.  Nick Bryce-Smith was our judge and to my delight awarded BB/BOB to Alise (Brevelay Cockney Rebel). 
The following week at the East of England Show, judge Denise Garrett awarded BD/BOB to Mac with both Jodi and Alise winning their classes.

On to Leeds, where Phylis Borrelli made Mac her BD/BOB and both Jodi and Alise again won their classes.  This time, Alise went one better and was also RBB.

Amber’s puppies are now up and about and causing the usual chaos.  They now have names courtesy of the very efficient KC on-line registration system - 3 days from entry to receipt!  They are Brequest Brettany (b) Basile (d) Blaize (d) Byron (d) Bailee (d)

August 2006

At the Houndshow, Both Jodi and Alise won their respective classes and this time Jodi was the one to ‘go one better’ and was also RBB under judge Alec Mackenzie.

At last our jointly owned Rita, imported from Finland has come out of the closet.  Cakom Hermirra (
Fin Mva Katrill Nompareill x Fin Mva Sweetdean Martini Dry) was BB/BOB under judge Viv Phillips at the Bournemouth Show.  At 2years 8 months old, she has only attended a couple of shows since she arrived and is one of only 2 fauves being shown with parents who are champions, the other being her litter brother Cakom Hippopotamus also imported and owned by myself and Pam.
At The Welsh KC, Mac added another BD award under judge Pam Marsden-Pollack

September 2006

Into September with a visit to Richmond where Jodi gained her second RBB under judge Eleanor Bothwell.  Darlington followed with Mac’s last Championship Show of the year.  He was BOB under Pam Wild.  Our day was made perfect with Rita as BB.  A challenge between her owners, myself and Pam, who also, of course bred Mac.

Ambers puppies have now all gone to their new owners and it is hoped that Lorraine with Ozzy, Ruth with Atley and Heidi with Phoebe will have fun and some success when they enter the ring for 2007.

October 2006

We had a girl’s day out under Lana Johnson at Driffied.  Alise won her class and we were thrilled with a RBB. Rita was again BOB, her second this year.

I went off to Scotland for the weekend for a Scottish Breeds Show and sent Graham off with the girls to the Hound Club of East Anglia.  Jenna Skerrit awarded BOB to Amber who by now was recovered from her maternal break. Amber then went on to BIS4 under judge Lyn Hewson.  Alise was also placed in the Premier Challenge, handled by Geoff Baldwin and came home with a lovely glass trophy.  We should ask Geoff to handle our bitches more often as the last time he did so with Amber they were BIS at All About Dogs!

November 2006

Its time for a rest now, for all our hounds, during these winter months.  Amber is back into a season and Mac being his usual expectant self.  Out with the earplugs, on with the leads for walks to try to distract him. 
Switherland the Gypsy Girl
Cakom Hermirra
August 2007
Pepper wins 3rd CC at Welsh Kennel Club and is First UK Dog Champion. He then won BOB and went on to win the Hound Group under Mr L M V Pinto Teixeira

Pepper wins Hound Group at WKC 
Ch. Zibbans Golden Dream for Sweetdean with Brequest (Imp SWE)
(Subject to KC Approval)
(Jasmin Du Val D’Ancenis x Sweetdean Gin Sling)
Breeder Liselotte  Sellen-Bore
May 2010
Amber wins 3rd CC at Birmingham National under Judge Viv Phillips. The other 2 CC were awarded at Houndshow 2009 by
Jean McDonald-Ulliot and the Basset Fauve de Bretagne Club Championship Show 2009 by Phyllis Borrelli.  Amber comes from the Zibbans Kennel in Sweden as was bred by Liselotte Sellen-Bore.
Brevelay Born to Run
  ( Venquest Jack Daniels x Brequest Angelique)